sustainable tourism

  • Perspectives In Tourism: Community Based Tourism

    April 01, 2004
    Based on a community based tourism initiative in poverty-ridden areas in Ecuador, this study explores the link between tourism and local development. It argues that community based tourism can be an alternative to commercial tourism wherein there is socio-economic development of the local communities and greater control by local communities over their territories and its sustainable handling. It expresses that this would allow spaces for the local communities to articulate their demands with the local authorities and pave way for establishing strategic alliances with national and international organisations.
  • Dossier on Community based Tourism Initiatives

    November 01, 2003
    Community based tourism is an oft-quoted phrases used to emphasize that the community has been involved in and is benefiting from the tourism in a particular area. This is a compilation of papers and articles on different community based tourism initiatives from around the world. They explore the idea of community based tourism in a nuanced way, its positive and negative facets, and they critically analyse what local participation would actually mean.
  • The Blossoming Of An Affair

    March 15, 1994
    The Spiti valley, a beautiful valley in the upper reaches of the Himalayan mountains, which was quite inaccessible until recently. The valley was thrown open to tourism and in a short span of time, it witnessed a huge growth of tourism.