‘Making Tourism Gender Inclusive: Stories of Resilience’

GD Goenka University, Sohna organised a Summer School Programme for Young Scholars. This Programme serves as a platform for high school students and potential undergraduate students seeking admission to Colleges to explore a brief, yet informative curricula ranging from the Social Sciences, Sciences, Architecture, Fashion Design, Communications and Management.

 At the School of Humanities and Social Science, they have offered students a Course Module on Gender Studies and they invited  EQUATIONS to deliver a Webinar on ‘Making Tourism Gender Inclusive: Stories of Resilience’ to this academically diverse, young and dynamic student body on 29 June 2020.


As informed, the students who participated in the webinar and were part of the Summer School programme were mostly national and International students from class 10 to first year of Graduation. There were students  from the Tourism department  of the University too . 


EQUATIONS presentation on Making Tourism Gender Inclusive : Stories of Resilience emphasized upon the participation of huge sections of unorganised contractual and casual women workers , their status in the tourism supply chain and the challenges in accessing the benefits, entitlements  and social security provisions from the regional and state governments and the tourism industry. There were few examples of women’s leadership programmes in the alternative tourism programmes/models being implemented by different social enterprises and citizens groups. The presentation also emphasised on certain short term and long term strategies and measures  that should be adopted by the government and the tourism industry to  respond to the socio-economic needs of the unorganised women in the tourism supply chain also especially in times of Covid 19 crises.




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