The Master Plan for the Hampi Local Planning Area is made by the Hampi World Heritage Area Management Authority. The plan which has been prepared under the provisions of the ‘Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act 1961’ consists of 14 chapters related to the present and future conditions of the ‘world heritage area’. The plan aims at understanding ‘Heritage Area’ and make proposals for land-use to regulate and guide development activities of the planning area. It also envisages the protection and conservation of the historic urban fabric, riverfronts and water bodies, rocky hillocks and forests and prohibited areas.

The following are EQUATIONS points of critique on the tourism aspects of the provisional master plan (henceforth referred to as the Plan). The actual statements from the Plan are stated in bold italics. In many sections the Plan fails to give details or specifics. We have included a series of questions at those points in order to indicate the need for the Plan to be more specific, as the lack of detail can lead to multiple or loose interpretations. In other areas, our critique aims at providing a point of view which differs or supplements the position of the Plan:

Local Regions/Cities