Mega events have little to do with bolstering tourism, and in fact can have a negative impact. The report investigates the links between mega-sport events, tourism, and notions of development.
The social, cultural, economic, environmental, political, and human rights impacts ensuing from the preparations under way are examined. In particular, the place of accountability, democratic process and public consensus in hosting the Common Wealth Games 2010 in Delhi are explored.
Calling for a  re-visioning of tourism policy and practise in India the  research study debunks the myth of tourism being used as a development tool – indicating how it addresses only  the needs of an elite section of the industry and tourists.  The report concludes that scant attention is paid to the impacts of these decisions and developments - some being labelled as unintended consequences and others simply dismissed as collateral damage. EQUATIONS joins many other organisations in the demand that high level enquiries be made into these violations of rights and norms of governance.

Local Regions/Cities
New Delhi