The Coastal Regulation Zone, 1991 was notified by the Government of India to bring about regulation and rules for the coastal areas of India. However, since it was first notified in 1991, the regulation has been amended more than 20 times in just the space of less than two decades, most of them at the behest of the tourism industry. The tourism industry has also been guilty of rampant violations of the regulations, which have largely gone unchecked. The CRZ Notification, at the time when this publication was put together, was sought to be replaced by a whole new notification, regularizing the various amendments and trying to put in place a new Coastal Management Zone Notification.
This publication traces the journey of CRZ regulations in India: the first part analyses the CRZ Notification 1991 and issues of its implementation and violations of the notification; the second part is an evaluation of the Swaminathan Committee recommendations; the third section critiques the draft CMZ Notification 2008 and finally, the fourth section makes suggestions for strengthening the CRZ Notification.

India, Karnataka