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Amarnath Yatra A Militarised Pilgrimage  
April 19, 2017

Amarnath Yatra: A Militarised Pilgrimage is a documentation of all facets of the Amarnath Yatra

Corporatising Tourism in Manipur 
April 10, 2017
The Government of Manipur in its endeavour to provide job opportunities and overall progress in the State
Global Study on the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel & Tourism 
February 16, 2017
This report explores the inter-linkages between three areas: children, tourism and migration
‘It’s Time Tourism Industry Took Difficult Decisions To Stay Responsible And Sustainable: Experts' 
January 23, 2017

Tourism industry experts, industry watchers and advocates of responsible and sustainable tourism...

Walking the Tightrope - Exploitation of Migrant Children in Tourism in Goa 
April 01, 2016
Walking the Tightrope - Exploitation of Migrant Children in Tourism in Goa
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Hawker at Ski-destination in Auli, Uttarakhand - February 2009
EQUATIONS' work across many parts of India has been in the areas of awareness building, research, campaign and advocacy by identifying issues related to tourism and establishing strong network alliances to work on tourism issues. EQUATIONS has attempted to respond to requests and support local groups in their endeavour for a form of tourism that is people-centred, equitable, just and sustainable.

In late 2006, the 'Mountain Shepherds Initiative', a community owned and operated ecotourism venture, was formerly inaugurated in the vicinity of the 'Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve' in the North Indian state of Uttarakhand. The 'Mountain Shepherds' story begins in Lata, a village situated in the Niti Valley of the high Himalayas. Born out of social struggle of the 'Chipko (early 1970s)' and 'Jhapto Cheeno (late 1990s)' movements and more recent efforts by the 'Nanda Devi Campaign', it is a people’s effort to reclaim peoples' land and forest rights.

 	Tourists Skiing at Auli, Uttarakhand - February 2009In November 2000, when the new state of Uttarakhand (Uttaranchal as it was formerly called) was carved out of the Uttar Pradesh hills, people of the Niti Valley which forms the Western boundary of the 'Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve', hoped to establish for themselves their cultural identity, decisions on appropriate development and local control of resources.

Tourism was considered as a key sector for development. While there were many twists and turns to the permissions and extent of tourism permissible in the Reserve and Sanctuary over a history of over 50 years, the communities of 'Nanda Devi' believed that they should play a key role in this process. This gave birth to the 'Nanda Devi Campaign' in Lata Village. On October 14, 2001, the community members of Niti Valley issued the progressive 'Biodiversity Conservation and Ecotourism Declaration' to guide its future endeavours and held a workshop elaborating their community-based ecotourism proposals. The 'Nanda Devi Declaration' attempts to achieve a new relationship between tourists and local communities based on equity and mutual learning. EQUATIONS was privileged to be part of this process.

Since 2001, EQUATIONS has had a series of valuable engagements with the 'Campaign' and 'Mountain Shepherds' Initiative where we have contributed and learnt. We are in the process of working with them in developing a baseline survey / monitoring framework of their activities that will focus on sustainability and responsibility issues. In 2008, through a collaborative project coordinated by African Safari Lodge (ASL) Foundation and EQUATIONS, we looked at community based efforts in nature based tourism. The 'Mountain Shepherds Initiative' was one of the three case studies that were taken up as a part of this project. The study attempted to understand the particular context and history of the initiative – what set of factors led to their genesis and what they set out to achieve, the economic, social and environmental aspects of the project and future challenges.

 	Consultation on Tourism Issues in Uttarakhand - February 2009 Recognising the intensive tourism focus by both the Tourism and Forest Departments in Uttarakhand, we are in the process of developing a status paper on tourism developments along the Bhagirathi River. Apart from this, we have now begun to engage with local people in other parts of the state. Consultations at Ramnagar and Rishikesh in February 2009, brought together people’s views on ecotourism development in the state, their perspective on its impacts, focus on issues of rights and conflicts with ecotourism. In Ramnagar and Rishikesh, discussions revolved around the larger struggles and campaigns in the state, tourism’s role in development, environmental impact of tourism in and around national parks and wildlife sanctuaries.

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