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The Report Documents How Amarnath Yatra is Used As a Right-Wing Nationalist Battle Cry By the State’ 
June 10, 2017

I remember as a kid in the month of August a few dozen buses full of Yatri

Amarnath Yatra Clashes With Burhan Wani Death Anniversary, Forces Anxious 
May 29, 2017

In exactly a month from now will begin the annual pilgrimage to...

Mahesh Sharma's performance as a minister for culture doesn't match up to his achievements as a tourism minister. 
May 18, 2017

In the budget for 2017-18, five ministries - tourism, culture, sports and youth affairs..

Goa's slums are full of Karnataka migrants: Study 
May 15, 2017

A study, conducted across 14 slums in Goa, found that the largest number of migrants..

Amarnath Yatra A Militarised Pilgrimage  
April 19, 2017

Amarnath Yatra: A Militarised Pilgrimage is a documentation of all facets of the Amarnath Yatra

This gallery of Posters depicts impacts of tourism. Click on a thumbnail to view larger image. Feel free to save and use the images but please do acknowledge EQUATIONS. Contact us at info@equitabletourism.org to purchase printed versions of the Posters.

Myths of Ecotourism

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How 'Eco' is Eco-Tourism - Part 2 How 'Eco' is Eco-Tourism - Part 1 Tourism & Child Pornography EQUATIONS Core Values EQUATIONS Vision and Core Values Mahua Memoirs Poster in Telugu Who Really Benefits from Tourism? Tourism is Not a Free Trade Zone Tourism and Child Sexual Abuse Tourism and Child Labour The Coastal Regulation Zone Notification - A Saga of Betrayal Rethink Tourism in the Andamans - People-Centred Tourism Mega Tourism - Another Tsunami for the Andamans Rethink Tourism in the Andamans - Regulate Growth Rethink Tourism in the Andamans - Ensure Benefits to Local People Rethink Tourism - Can we be more responsible Tourists? Put People's Rights over Corporate Rights Myths of Ecotourism Make Tourism a GATS-Free Zone Mahua Memoirs Destructive Development and Degraded Ecosystems - Brake Needed! Destructive Development and Degraded Ecosystems - Brake Needed! ADB Accelerating Poverty in Asia and Pacific Artisans Poster LGBT and Tourism (P)-EQUATIONS Equitable Tourism, Equal Rights, Equal Love, Equal People-EQUATIONS Artisans and Handicrafts-EQUATIONS Whose Forest-Equations(H)-2014Poster The Last Resort-Equations(H)-2014 Posters Missing The Woods For The Trees-Equations(H)Poster-2014 Guardians To Guards(H)Poster-Equations-2014 Forest Foot Prints(H)Paoster-Equations-2014 Calling To Account(H)Posters-Equations The Last Resort Missing The Woods For The Trees Guardians To Guards Forest Footprints Whose Forest? Calling To Account Making Tourism Work for All-Hawkers and Tourism-Hindi Making Tourism Work for All-Hawkers and Tourism-English Inclusive Tourism-Hawkers and Tourism-Hindi Inclusive Tourism-Hawkers and Tourism-English