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Essay Writing and Innovation Presentation Competition for Students
September 15, 2009 to September 27, 2009

WORLD TOURISM DAY - 30th Anniversary

27th September 2009

Essay Writing and Innovative Presentation Competition
Call For Papers On The Theme: “Tourism - Celebrating Diversity”

Jointly Organized by:
Academy of Business Management, Tourism and Research (ABMTR) & Equitable Tourism Options (EQUATIONS)

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) has chosen the theme of diversity and tourism for World Tourism Day (WTD) for the year 2009, to focus attention on Celebrating Diversity. The theme “Celebrating Diversity” is an opportunity to acknowledge two of tourism’s major attributes - development and unity. “This type of unity and collaboration is increasingly important as the world comes together to face climate change and ensure sustainable development, particularly in the context of the current economic crisis. Other than adding perspective to the role of globalization in balancing tourism influx and environmental and cultural sustainability, this year’s theme also aims to shed light on the most human side of the industry – its capacity to build understanding, foster social inclusion and promote higher standards of living. It is our responsibility to promote the sustainable development of the industry whilst conserving the unique facets present on the globe.” UNWTO World Tourism Day (WTD) is a day used by various stakeholders of the tourism industry to promote awareness of tourism, and to address issues brought about by tourism. The main purpose of WTD is to cultivate awareness among the global, international community of the significance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic effects.

The 30th Anniversary theme of WTD puts emphasis on the world’s cultural wealth and the important role sustainable tourism plays in preserving local traditions and making them flourish even though they cross other cultures. A motivating force for tourism is diversity of local customs that co-exist all over the world, be they languages, religions, architecture, food, politics or natural environments. These diverse environments have allowed the travel and tourism industry to thrive and become the largest single export industry and a leading force in the service sector. Diversity through tourism strengthens ties between nations and brings about respect between different religions and cultural groups and helps promote tolerance.

On the other hand, tourism as a global industry increases economic inequity and social imbalances, and brings about a loss of diversity, by tainting traditional cultural views of host communities and diluting the rich cultural diversity present in host countries. The UNWTO advocates for tourism expansion in the least developing countries, through a “visionary focus of a win-win situation.”  However, tourism is rarely “win-win”, most forms of tourism have detrimental environmental and socio-cultural impacts. A detrimental effect of tourism is commodification of culture and traditions.  Where cultures, especially the women and children are advertised and sold as a product, without consideration for the local community. Safeguards need to be put in place to avoid dilution of cultures such as traditional attire, and to ensure that host communities have a sense of belonging and pride of their traditional cultures. Tourists have the social responsibility to ensure that negative aspects of tourism affecting diversity are mitigated or avoided altogether!
In India millions of domestic and international tourists visit different parts of the country every year. They return to their homes with a better understanding of the people living in other regions of the country and of the cultural diversity that is present all over India. Tourism also encourages preservation of monuments and heritage properties and helps the survival of art forms, crafts and culture.

Let us commemorate World Tourism Day together!

Competition Details for the Theme: "Celebrating Diversity"
Essay Writing and Innovative Presentation Competition

The Essay Writing Competition calls for teams of one to a maximum of five (5) people to write and submit an essay on this year’s World Tourism Day theme of “Celebrating Diversity”.

Six papers will be selected to be presented for the Innovative Presentation Competition, for WTD on 26th September 2009, at Academy of Business Management, Tourism and Research. 

For the Innovative Presentation Competition, the individual/team selected has to be creative and original in presentation of the paper. For example the individual/team may decide to present the paper in form of a painting, artwork or poster or the team can choose to perform a skit, dance or song based on the paper submitted.

Invoke your imagination and come up with an insightful paper and an innovative presentation!

  1. The paper should be based on the World Tourism day theme of “Celebrating Diversity”, and should be no longer than 2000 words (4 pages)
  2. The aim of the competition is to promote research and creative writing on diversity in tourism
  3. This competition is open to all college students with a maximum of three (3) entries per college
  4. One team should not submit more than one paper
  5. For innovative presentation a team should not have more than 5 participants.
  6. Each submission should contain the name of the college, individual/team member’s names.
  7. Competition Submissions to be sent to info@abmtr.com/director@abmtr.com, and info@equitabletourism.org. The subject line to be titled as Call for papers Celebrating Diversity.
  8. Deadline for paper submission 17th September 2009.
  9. Registration Fee of Rs.250/- per team.
  10. Innovative Presentation to be held on – 26th September 2009 at Academy of Business Management, Tourism and Research (ABMTR)
  11. Essay to be in English
  12. Certificates of Participation will be given to all those who participate in the competition

Judging criteria:

  1. Creativity, Relevance to theme/Content, Grammar, Originality & Style
  2. Individuals/Teams whose papers are selected for presentation will be notified by 19th September 2009, and will have until the 26th September to prepare for the Innovative Presentation.
  3. The innovative presentation should be 15 – 20 minutes long
  4. Two winners will be selected based on a combination of points from the paper submission, and the innovative presentation of the paper. 
  5. Prizes: 1st Prize – Rs. 1,500 cash, 2nd Prize – Rs. 1000 cash
  6. All participants will be given certificates of participation and a memento.

Contact address & phone number:

Academy of Business Management, Tourism and Research (ABMTR)
Opp HTMT, G.B. Palaya,
Hosur Main Road,
Bangalore – 560068
Tel: +91 (80) 25731731/ 25730444
Email: info@abmtr.com/director@abmtr.com
URL: www.abmtr.com

Equitable Tourism Options - EQUATIONS
#415, 2C Cross, 4th Main,
OMBR Layout, Banaswadi
BANGALORE - 560 043.
Tel: +91 (80) 25457607 / 25457659
Fax: +91 (80) 25457665
e-mail: info@equitabletourism.org/donna.d@equitabletourism.org
URL: www.equitabletourism.org