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We provide here the web links to other organisations working in the not-for-profit/ development sector and focusing on a critique and impacts of tourism. We have listed mostly organisations focusing specifically (and more or less exclusively) on tourism, or those having a very strong focus or exclusive programme on tourism impacts.

We have not listed a huge body of work on community based tourism efforts and responsible tourism efforts in these links, keeping our focus on critique and advocacy. We are also not listing here the numerous partners, networks and organizations we are connected to, in solidarity with and learn from, in India and globally, who work on tourism issues along with their key areas of focus which may be coastal or forest people's rights, environmental justice, globalisation and trade impacts, human rights, child rights, women's rights , Dalit rights, indigenous people, democracy and governance and law, peoples movements, unorganised labour and labour rights, livelihoods, civic and urban/rural poor, and public interest groups. There are also many individuals based in academic institutions, research organisations, activists who have contributed immensely to the critique and activism on sustainable, just and equitable tourism, particularly from a developing country perspective.

This is a large and dynamic network indeed and it would be impossible to do justice to and list them all. Some platforms, organisations, and networks such as the Global Tourism Interventions Forum do not have an independent website, and therefore we have not listed them on this 'Related Links' page. Contacting EQUATIONS or any of the organisations listed below would help you to access more information.

arbeitskreis tourismus & entwicklung (AKTE) 

ATG Palestine 

ECPAT International 

Ecumenical Coalition on Tourism (ECOT) 

EED Tourism Watch  

Kabani the other direction 

Kerala Tourism Watch 

Palestine Initiative on Responsible Tourism 

Tourism Concern 

Tourism Investigation and Monitoring team (t.i.m team) 

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