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India Is Weaponizing its Spiritual Tourists 
August, 2017
Every July, thousands of buses, trucks, cars, mules, and palanquin bearers crawl up 12, 768  treacherous feet of mountainous terrain to reach the Amarnath cave, where a smooth ice stalagmite dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva reaches up from the cave floor. The devotees heading for this linga (a Hindu term for venerated, somewhat phallic objects) are making one of the most dangerous pilgrimages in India — not just because of the height and harsh weather, but because the cave is slap-bang in the middle of the divided, and violent, border state of Jammu and Kashmir.

The Report Documents How Amarnath Yatra is Used As a Right-Wing Nationalist Battle Cry By the State’ 
June, 2017

I remember as a kid in the month of August a few dozen buses full of Yatris would arrive at Kishtwar from Bhaderwah and Jammu. The Yatris would pitch their tents in Chowgan (a big ground/meadow in the centre of the Kishtwar valley) spend their night in Kishtwar and then next morning continue their journey onwards to Machail (a small village in the tehsil Padder).

Amarnath Yatra Clashes With Burhan Wani Death Anniversary, Forces Anxious 
May, 2017

In exactly a month from now will begin the annual pilgrimage to Amarnath cave.

This year’s 40-day yatra, starting from June 29, will be held in highly charged atmosphere — a month after Hizbul commander Sabzar Bhat’s death and nearly a week before July 8, the day Burhan Wani was killed last year.

Mahesh Sharma's performance as a minister for culture doesn't match up to his achievements as a tourism minister. 
May, 2017

In the budget for 2017-18, five ministries - tourism, culture, sports and youth affairs, environment and climate change and social justice and empowerment - were allocated a total of Rs 16,104 crore, just 1.51 per cent of the Rs 10,62,751 crore allocated for various sectors. This number is some indication of the Modi government's emphasis - or lack of it - on these ministries. According to a March 2017 report by the World Travel and Tourism Council, the tourism industry in India directly supported 25.3 million jobs, which is 5.8 per cent of the country's total jobs.

Goa's slums are full of Karnataka migrants: Study 
May, 2017

A study, conducted across 14 slums in Goa, found that the largest number of migrants are from Karnataka, especially the districts of Gadag, Vijayapura, Belagavi, Bagalkot, Haveri and Dharwad. A majority of them belong to the Lambani community, and are engaged in selling garments, working at construction sites, and as suppliers and helpers in hotels.

Women’s Equity and Justice in Tourism 
March, 2017

The present day post modern, neo liberal world is still embedded with social inequity and discrimination.

The situations of women in the larger world and within the systems of State, community and family control, coerces her to exist without self-expression, thereby forcing her to live within the dominating and unconstitutional framework of patriarchy. Women’s socio-political and economic status and overall economic empowerment is influenced by her status and role in the family and community, her reproduction responsibilities and her access and ownership over economic resources. Stereotyping their roles continues in the private and public institutions. Gender relations are also often determined by the sexual division of labour.

‘It’s Time Tourism Industry Took Difficult Decisions To Stay Responsible And Sustainable: Experts' 
January, 2017

Tourism industry experts, industry watchers and advocates of responsible and sustainable tourism have asked travel and tourism industry to adopt difficult measures to ward off ill-effects of tourism on the natural environment of the destinations. Speakers at the recently concluded Responsible Tourism Summit and Awards at the aegis of Outlook Traveller magazine outlined how climate change can harm the prospects of travel and tourism in coming decades.