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Jharkhand Witnessed 360% Rise In Foreign Tourist Arrivals Between 2010 & 2011 MoT
March 30, 2013

Jharkhand Witnessed 360% Rise In Foreign Tourist Arrivals Between 2010 & 2011 MoT
30 March 2013

Mumbai: Jharkhand has emerged as a more preferred destination in India for foreign tourists as the state registered over 360 per cent growth in terms of visitors from abroad between 2010 and 2011, according to a report of the Ministry of Tourism (MoT), Government of India. The growth percentage of Jharkhand is the highest as compared to other states in India as officials believe other destinations have almost reached a saturation point for foreign tourists. The national average remains 8.85 per cent during the same period.

In 2011, a total of 72,467 international tourists arrived in the state vis-a-vis 15,695 in 2010, the Ministry's report said, showing a growth of 361.72 per cent in the figure. The growth percentage of Bihar is 52.97, Karnataka 50.66, Arunachal Pradesh 40, Gujarat 27, Assam 8.20, Rajasthan 5.74, Goa 1.1, and West Bengal 1.77, among others.

The number of domestic tourists in the state was 107.96 lakh in 2011, which was 68 lakh in 2010. The same figure for 2012 has increased by 20 per cent. "The number of foreign tourists in the state has grown by 20 per cent in 2012," M N Kerketta, Secretary Tourism, Jharkhand, was quoted as saying in a report by Alok K N Mishra in The Times of India. An average growth of 15-20 per cent is being witnessed in the state for the past ten years, said Kerketta.

In 2011, a total of 74.77 crore domestic tourists visited various destinations of the country. In the same year, the number of foreign tourists was 1.79 crore. A year ago, the number of domestic tourists who visited the country was 85.08 crore. The number of foreign tourists was 1.94 crore in 2010.

State tourism officials cite the pristine forest and Religious Tourism of Jharkhand behind the rise in foreign tourists' number. "The state is being explored by many as a vast area of it is still remained unexplored," an official said. Although the report did not define the purpose of visit by foreign tourists, many believe that business delegations from abroad also contributed to the factor.