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Bill Restricting Entry Of Locals In Casinos Introduced
March 25, 2011

Bill Restricting Entry Of Locals In Casinos Introduced


25 March 2011

Two bills proposed by opposition leader Manohar Parrikar, one, seeking to restrict Goans from entering casinos, and the other seeking changes to Town and Country Planning Act, were introduced in the Goa legislative assembly on Friday.

The Goa Public Gambling (Amendment) Bill, 2011 attempts to insert a section in the Act concerning entry into casinos saying, "only non-residents of the state shall be allowed to enter the casinos for the purpose of gambling".

In the statement of objects and reasons, the bill says that it has been found that a number of residents of Goa, including those below the age of 21 years, frequently visit casinos to play games and this is destroying the social fabric of the state by ruining several families. It further states that casino advertisements lure locals, especially the youth, to such places.

The amendment seeks to prevent such occurrences and achieve the objective of preventing locals, especially youth, from getting into gambling activities.

The second bill, Town and Country Planning (Amendment) Bill, seeks to provide for necessary parking facilities and other infrastructure for new residential complexes.

The bill says that planning and development authorities should not grant permission for buildings if there is no sufficient water and power supply, and unless the developer provides for a minimum of one car parking space per unit, and an independent sewage and garbage treatment system for a complex having 100 flats and above.