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Resource Center
Amarnath Yatra A Militarised Pilgrimage  
April 19, 2017

Amarnath Yatra: A Militarised Pilgrimage is a documentation of all facets of the Amarnath Yatra

Corporatising Tourism in Manipur 
April 10, 2017
The Government of Manipur in its endeavour to provide job opportunities and overall progress in the State
Global Study on the Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel & Tourism 
February 16, 2017
This report explores the inter-linkages between three areas: children, tourism and migration
‘It’s Time Tourism Industry Took Difficult Decisions To Stay Responsible And Sustainable: Experts' 
January 23, 2017

Tourism industry experts, industry watchers and advocates of responsible and sustainable tourism...

Walking the Tightrope - Exploitation of Migrant Children in Tourism in Goa 
April 01, 2016
Walking the Tightrope - Exploitation of Migrant Children in Tourism in Goa

EQUATIONS is governed by a General Body (GB) which currently has 10 members. The GB elects a Managing Committee (MC) consisting of the President, Secretary and Treasurer. In addition, the MC has two ex-officio members the Director and the Staff Representative.

he Finance Sub-Committee meets every quarter for reviewing financial reports and statements and in turn reports to the MC.

Currently the elected MC members (2013-2016) are:
  • President – Adv Mario Pinto Almeida
  • Secretary – Dr Ravi Chellam
  • Treasurer – Mr. Mahesh Lobo
Ex officio members to Committee Meetings are:
  • Director – Aditi Chanchani
  • Staff Representative – Kavitha K M (2016-2017)
EQUATIONS aims to align its work culture and systems to its vision and core values. The belief in the potential of people has guided our form of organisation, our structures and processes. We believe that our core values of justice, equity, people centeredness, democratisation and dialogue should be experienced and evident to those who work with us and who engage with us in any way.

EQUATIONS  adopts strong principles of working with collective leadership, lots of autonomy, but also high levels of peer accountability, transparency and communication.

In order to do this we have the following structural spaces:

The Management Team

This consists of the Coordinator Programmes, the Coordinator Finance and Administration and the Director. The Coordinator Programmes has oversight of all programmatic activity of EQUATIONS - all programmes, campaigns, research advocacy and network building activities. The Coordinator Finance and Administration ensures sound financial systems and information and efficient and responsive administrative support. The Chief Functionary focuses on organisational issues like systems and processes, institutional linkages, fundraising and donor relations, financial stability, recruitment of staff and overall capacity building, planning and review.

The Operations (Ops) Team

The Ops Team, consisting of all Programme Coordinators, facilitates collective leadership through its main responsibility of direction, convergence and alignment of all programmatic activity and ensuring strategic focus and alignment of all interventions. It is an important space for building cross-functional capacity and exercise of leadership and collective working. The Coordinator Programmes convenes the Ops Team.

Programme Teams

Every Programme has a Programme Coordinator and a Programme Resource Team (PRT). The Programme Coordinators initiate and formulate project proposals and determine action plans and budgets. They have the authority and responsibility to manage them.  The PRT members assist in implementing its activities and strategizing interventions. The PRT also helps in interweaving different perspectives within the Programme, developing communication between different Programmes and is important as a capacity building space on both content and process issues.